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Nutrients Catalog
Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, Macronutrients
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Appendix D: Nutrient Unit Conversions

Provitamin A:
1 retinol equivalent
= 6(micro)g beta-carotene
= 5iu
= 5usp
Vitamin A:
1 retinol equivalent
= 1 microgram retinol
= 5iu
= 5usp
Vitamin B3:
1 niacin equivalent
= 1mg niacin
= 60mg tryptophan
Vitamin C:
1mg vitamin C palmitate
= 0.42mg vitamin C activity
Vitamin D:
10(micro)g cholecalciferol
= 400iu
= 400usp
Vitamin E:
1 alpha-tocopherol equivalent
= 1mg alpha-tocopherol
= 3iu
= 3usp
Vitamin F:
1g fats
= 9 calories
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