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Harvey Newstrom
Nutrients Catalog

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Nutrients Catalog
Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, Macronutrients
by Harvey Newstrom

538pp. Hardcover. Appendices, bibliography, index.
92-56671     ISBN:0-89950-784-0
McFarland & Company, Inc. Publishers
Box 611, Jefferson NC 28640. (336-246-4460)

Over two dozen vitamins, three dozen minerals, two dozen amino acids, and a half-dozen macronutrients.

     · the various names
     · the common classification
     · the chemical forms
     · deficiency symptoms
     · side effects
     · toxicity
     · inhibitors
     · helpers or co-factors
     · food sources
     · possible applications
     · recommended daily dosage
     · warnings
American Libraries calls it:
"[The] ultimate nutrient reference book"
"Newstrom is staggeringly specific"

Choice says it contains:
"Information...difficult to find elsewhere"

ARBA rates it:
"easy to use", "valuable", "extremely extensive"

RQ declares:
"it truly is a reference book"
"an extremely useful tool"

University of Cincinnati Medical Center Libraries recommends:
"this unique book...
   ...for nutrition practitioners
   ...and for libraries supporting them"

The Publisher says:
"one of our recent best sellers"
"we are proud to have it on our list"

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