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Security Information
Security Organizations
Network Management Systems
Harris Metronet Operator Menu
Harris Metronet Data Entry System
Harris Metronet Manager
Harris Metronet Diagnostics System
Harris Metronet Database
Harris Metronet Security Software Tools
Harris IP Address Database
Harris Unauthorized Modem Detection System
Harris MetroMan User Interface
Harris WhoAmI Network Mapper
Harris Network-wide Printer Access System
IBM SERT Network Monitor
IBM SERT Network Change Control Monitor
IBM SERT Alarm Notification System
IBM SERT Domain Name Server Database Integrity Checker
Server Management Systems
Harris User Tracking System
Harris File Management System
Harris Computer Chargeback System
Harris OS upgrade Systems
Harris Reporting System
Harris Software and File Translation System
Harris Statistical Analysis System
Harris Terminal Device Configuration System
Harris Data Recovery System
Harris Computer Usage Monitoring System
Harris Self-Configuration System
Harris CPU Activity Monitoring System
Harris X.25 Network Interface System
Harris Disk Access Monitoring System
Harris Computer Up-Time Tracking System
Harris Report Generator System
Harris Statistical Analysis System
Database Management Systems
Castronova Inventory Tracking System
Castronova Accounts Receivable System
Castronova Vendor Tracking System
Castronova Insurance Billing System
Castronova Purchase Order System
Castronova General Accounting System
Castronova Reservation Tracking System
Harris Customer Database
Specialized Data Interfaces
Input system that adapts to format changes and reprograms system software accordingly
Fuzzy Logic Parsing system that corrects data inconsistencies until all data is compatible
Cross-Protocol coding that allows identical instructions to function in different protocols
Protocol translaters that allow incompatible devices to be connected together
"Stealth" packets on a network that can't be detected by network sniffer tools
System Accounting and Monitoring that simulates system usage based on backup tapes
Password interface that simulates non-clear-text passwords on clear-text-only hardware
System to bring up customer records based on caller-ID before incoming call is anwered
Tool to trace communication delays down to PC hardware, PC software, PC network card,
LAN, WAN, router, remote system network card, remote hardware, or remote software
System to read previous data that had been written, erased and overwritten on magtapes

Harvey Newstrom assisted in the development of the following products
Harris H-series Accounting System
Harris H-series OS
Harris Unix OS
Harris Ada Compiler
Harris B1 Secure Unix OS
Harris NightHawk Firewall
Harris Integrated Network Tools
IBM Netbios Protocol
IBM Tivoli Products
IBM SecureWay Products
IBM WebSphere Products
IBM Lotus Notes Products
Apple Macintosh OS System 7
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